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Woman Turns Herself Into A 'Cyborg' To Fight Back Against Disney

Jennifer Tan was lucky enough to spend a lot of time in Disney World — it was practically her second home. She lived just five minutes away from the Florida attraction, so whenever she had free time, she'd bop around using an all-in-one Disney MagicBand that offered loyal guests tons of perks — if you had it on your person. So when Jennifer had an accident with her band, she resorted to an extreme 'solution' to keep her perks that are leaving Disney fans divided

The Magic Of Disney

Are there really any theme parks in the world as magical as Disney World? Jennifer couldn't get enough of the incredible detail and effort that went into every single ride and attraction. She knew that Disney truly had something for everyone, though as she spent more time there, she did notice one harsh reality.

Disney's Harsh Reality

That reality was other visitors. A whole lot of them. One thing you won't see in a television commercial is an exhausted parent trying to maneuver through packed waves of other exhausted parents. Jen realized the Disney experience wasn't always filled to the brim with smiles. Luckily, the parks do have ways to help with the chaotic crowds.

Skipping The Line

One of them was the use of nifty FastPass tickets available to any paying guest. Essentially, she grabbed a ticket with a specific timeslot printed on it, and when she arrived to the attraction at that time, she could skip waiting in a long line and head right to the front. But, in recent years, Disney created something even better for loyal visitors.

MagicBands To The Rescue

They're called MagicBands, and they offer a whole lot more than just your regular FastPass. These microchipped wrist accessories not only act as their own FastPass, but guests can also use them to purchase food and drink, buy souvenirs, unlock hotel rooms, board hotel-airport shuttles, and scroll through photos taken by in-park cameras.

The Full Experience

Basically, if you want to have the full Disney experience and receive a whole bunch of perks most other guests don't even know exist, you invest in a Disney MagicBand. As soon as Jen heard about this new scannable access pass, she knew she had to have one.

Meet Mrs. Fett

Jennifer was an avid computer gamer who spent much of her time live-streaming videos on the social media platform Twitch under the alias Mrs. Fett. She lived in the community of Celebration, a unique census-designated area a few minutes drive from the theme parks, and she wore her MagicBand constantly — until an accident forced her to rethink the bracelets.

The Magicband Problem

Jennifer and her boyfriend hopped on their motorcycle to enjoy an afternoon cruising the streets and basking in the warm Florida sunshine. At one point, the motorcycle throttle thrust the bike forward, causing Jennifer's MagicBand to pop off. Hoping that it hadn't shattered, she hopped off to retrieve it from the street.

Still in One Piece

Fortunately, her expensive accessory was still intact, but the whole incident got her thinking about ways to ensure she never lost the band again. After a bit of brainstorming and online research, she contacted a company called Dangerous Things.

Dangerous Things

Dangerous Things specialized in creating microchips. Jennifer sent the company two Disney MagicBands, which it dismantled. Then, Dangerous Things encapsulated the removed computer chips into clear casings and sent them back to Jennifer. This was the first step in a very unorthodox plan.

A Bold Plan

The small encasings sent back to Jennifer weren't just made of regular plastic. They were actually specially designed bioprotein casings that could enter into the body safely without the electronic chip disrupting the function of internal organs.

A Step Too Far?

That's right, the whole goal of contacting Dangerous Things was to have the MagicBand's microchips inserted into Jennifer's body! Plenty of Disney superfans had Mickey tattoos and earrings, but surely most of them would never dream of implanting a Disney computer.

An Easy Procedure

As horrifying as that sounds, it apparently was a fairly easy procedure. Jennifer said, "There is a tiny teeny itty bitty baby incision here that is about half an inch long, and the implant sits actually through there. After we made the pocket, it was as simple as sliding it in, a butterfly stitch shut, and done. We did it really relaxed and it took us 45 minutes."

Not 100% Pain Free

Of course, the procedure wasn't completely free of pain, but Jennifer was more than willing to have this needle pierce her skin and plant the microchip. "It’s a simple process, but it is definitely not a 100% pain-free process. But it’s kind of like your stepping stone. That’s how you earn it."

"Recovery Is Great"

Jennifer happily toughed out the procedure, and less than 24 hours later, this was what her wrist looked like. "Recovery is great. I had minimal swelling, but as you can see I can completely move my wrist. I don’t feel it at all. The only time I ever feel it is if either my Husky jumps on me or I knock it on something," she explained.

"The Placement Is Perfect"

A couple days later, you couldn't even tell Jennifer had a microchip implanted in her. "It lays completely flat and, you know, the placement is perfect. But it’s like the rest of them where it’s so well hidden and just deep enough that, like, you can’t actually see the indentation in my hand." Shockingly enough, she wasn't the first person to undergo this procedure.

Not The First Attempt

"Mission Disney Biohack" was first attempted by James Rosemergy, but unfortunately, there were too many safety features built into the MagicBand microchips that he couldn't override. However, Jennifer sought help from a company that specialized in biohacking, which gave her a huge advantage. The procedure also meant Jennifer officially slipped into a new category of being.

She's A Cyborg!

Believe it or not, because she had a microchip implant, technically that made her a cyborg! You might know a certain famous cyborg in the form of Robocop. Of course, she wasn't fighting crime with a body mostly compromised of machinery, but she was prepared to bust into Disney theme parks at a moment's notice. Unfortunately, an unexpected obstacle got in her way.

Covid Throws In A Wrench

Almost immediately after the coronavirus tore through every country in the world, all the Disney parks immediately shut down. Jennifer was forced to stay home and keep hope alive that her procedure would eventually pay off. It took nearly a year for restrictions to start easing up, but eventually she returned with her new MagicBanded arm.

Mission Success

And (drumroll, please!)... It worked! The invasive procedure was completely worth it, as Dangerous Things was able to do what fellow cyborg James Rosemergy couldn't. In fact, James actually reached out to Jennifer to chat with her about the entire experience, and she happily discussed everything in detail with (a probably jealous) James. Though he wasn't the only one to find out...

Disney Catches On

As you can imagine, once Disney caught wind there were regular visitors cracking open the MagicBands and surgically implant the microchips in their arms, they began putting warnings on the boxes to dissuade curious biohackers. While some might heed the warning and walk away, Disney wondered if others would recklessly follow Jen's example.

Why Microchip?

Jennifer's situation begs the question: "Why would anyone want a microchip inside of them?" Let's be honest. Most people don't. However, for those who do take the plunge can simply use their hands to unlock smartphones, open hotel doors, and even start their cars (assuming it's an electronic starter)! These cyborgs have gotten some attention, but the truth is, there are other people getting far more controversial medical procedures. Comparatively, a computer chip doesn't seem too crazy.

Meet Rodrigo

Take, for instance, the individual known as the "human Ken doll." Rodrigo Alves wasn't born with a face that looked like it came off of an assembly line at the Hasbro factory. He was just an average kid, but once he began attending school, major problems started to arise.

School Troubles

Because Rodrigo came across more feminine that most of the other boys at his school, he was a prime target for bullies. He admitted, "I had my face pushed into the urinal and was thrown down the stairs.”


This torment was too much to handle. He was simply acting like himself, but nearly everyone around him rejected his naturally flamboyant persona. But, it wasn't just his personality that drew in haters, either.

Unique Interests

He had plenty of interests that one might categorize as "feminine." He loved Barbie dolls, high fashion, and he was absolutely infatuated with Disney princesses. This did not sit well with his testosterone-riddled male classmates.

Extreme Abuse

The very worst case of abuse came once he entered teenage-hood. "At the age of 13 two boys at school sexually abused me. I was very feminine and weak. I couldn’t defend myself. It was very traumatic."

A Last Resort

The sexual, emotional, and physical abuse the Brazilian suffered took a horrific toll on not only his self-esteem but his entire outlook on the way he was living his life as a whole. For Rodrigo, he only had one option.

Under The Knife

He needed to do everything in his power to turn himself into the manliest specimen possible. The only way to do that? Lots of plastic surgery, and he was ready to go under the knife by any means necessary.

Too Much Surgery

Rodrigo was only 17 years old when he underwent his first surgery. Immediately, he was hooked. He would eventually undergo 72 surgeries and spend over half a million dollars to achieve a look dubbed the "Human Ken Doll."

Celebrity Life Comes Calling

Regardless of how you think he looked after it was all over, he turned into somewhat of a minor celebrity. People wanted a picture with the man whose life goal resulted in a human-sized action figure.

Trouble Brewing

But, although Rodrigo may have temporarily achieved his dream, his love of plastic surgery wasn't something to feel proud about. It was actually a dark sign of a much deeper mental issue.

Mental Illness

All of the bullying Rodrigo endured as a child caused a severe case of body dysmorphia. He was convinced his physical appearance was so incredibly flawed the only thing that could help was dozens of surgical operations.

Gone Too Far

One of the most bizarre operations he underwent was having four ribs removed in order to comfortably fit in to a particular blazer. That's how severely damaged his body image was after years of abuse.

Ken Doll Woes

Even though Rodrigo never set out to turn into a Ken doll, that's the way the media frenzy around his obsession labeled it as, and it stuck. Unfortunately, there were also those who labeled him a "freak."

No Stopping Now

Interestingly enough, Rodrigo was well-aware with every new surgery came higher chances of problems arising. His mind, however, forced him to keep going since to him it was the only way to potentially erase the pain of childhood.

Where's The Happiness?

However, even though Rodrigo successfully went through all the surgeries he wanted, he still wasn't content on the inside. “I have tried my best to behave like a man but deep inside I was never happy.”

Spread Those Wings

The South American spent his whole life trying to find an environment where he truly felt like his wings were spread as far as possible. That setting eluded him for years, until he attended a photo shoot in New York City.

The Greatest Epiphany

Someone working on the shoot handed Rodrigo a dress to wear just for giggles. This nonchalant gesture took Rodrigo's mental state by storm. This was what he craved. He realized in that moment that he was a woman!

Let It Out

Even though she spent so much money becoming more masculine, Rodrigo never stopped fantasizing about women's clothing and accessories. She pushed the feelings deep down, but once she rocked a dress, she was slammed with the freeing epiphany.


This realization meant more surgery to become a woman, of course, but Rodrigo was ready; "I’m known as Ken but inside I’ve always felt like Barbie.” Rodrigo, who changed her name to "Roddy," felt at home in her new skin.

Acceptance At last

Accepting she was a transgender woman allowed closed doors in Roddy's life to swing open and free her from the angst she suffered throughout her life. It's an angst many others also feel.