60 Photos Of Animals Experiencing Everyday Things For The Very First Time

How did you feel the first time you experienced a snowstorm or took a dip in the pool? Amplify your reaction tenfold, and you'll see just how surprised, awe-struck, and flabbergasted animals become when they experience a new moment in life. Your toddler taking their first steps is nothing compared to these curious furry friends who quickly discovered that there was so much more to the world than they knew. Housepets, prepare for your minds to be blown!


It took three curious cats to safely investigate whatever was making that noise on the other side of the door. Was it a roaring vacuum, a squeaky steamer, or even a screaming toddler? Whatever it was, they won't be watching for too long. Another nap is in store, no doubt!

Fridge Explorer

If you turn your back before the fridge door closes, a wandering pet might find its way inside. Don't worry; you'll no doubt hear the muffled meows! During the summer, your feline friend might even purposely enjoy getting stuck inside, all so they can cool off.

Bunny's Kabob

A rabbit loves carrots, right? Well, they apparently love other foods, too. Take a look at this fruit kabob that an owner has made for their pet. From the looks of it, the bunny will be searching for even more kabobs sometime soon. It may also need a bath in order to clean its chin!

All Their Own

This rescue dog has been taking advantage of her new personal belongings, which include a water dish, toys, and even a warm bed. Maybe her mouth is simply being squished by the bedding, but there seems to be a sly smile growing on the older pup's face. Or maybe she's just delighted to see you!


Ferrets are quick, energetic creatures, and apparently, that doesn't change when they're in the snow! If given the opportunity, they'll jump and dive into it. Before you know it, your pet ferret might act out a scene from Jaws, staying hidden until popping out when least expected.

Timon and Family

Two BBC filmmakers were able to document the daily goings-on of The Lion King's best supporting character, and what they captured didn't disappoint. This meerkat gang became intensely interested in the looming humans and their devices. A human teaching a meerkat how to use a camera sounds like the perfect movie pitch for Disney+.

Hop Shock

A kangaroo can be a shocking sight for just about anyone. Those jumping creatures can be quite intimidating in general, especially to little critters! They are wild animals, after all. When this family dog spotted this unusual creature from a distance, we can't blame him for wanting to keep his distance!


At last, the new ceiling fan has been installed! When these feline friends first glimpsed the new object, their reactions were pretty expressive. After all, this huge, dangerous-looking object is spinning wildly over their heads. Can you blame them for looking a little awe-struck?!

Zoo's Winter Wonderland

Have you ever wondered how an elephant would react to its first winter wonderland? From the snowfall to the dip in the ice-cold water, it would certainly be a big day for those guys. Just look at this not-so-little elephant, who seems to prefer the icy depths to his normal watering hole.

Swim Practice

Check out this baby jaguar enjoying her first time in the pool! Her name's Maya, and her mobility wasn't too great before she braved the deep end. Her vet-prescribed hydrotherapy really did the trick! The practice not only helped her regain her stealth abilities, but it helped her face her fear of water!

Infant Encounters

Imagine, for a moment, the point of view of a cat. They're very attuned to change, so when they approach a new object with an unfamiliar scent, they have to do some investigating. This particular object may just be a baby bouncer, but the creature lying inside is incredibly new to the feline.

Polar Effort

A snowy day has many fun activities to offer, from snowman-building to snowball fights. This polar bear cub, however, chose to ignore these normal activities in favor of climbing over a frosty log. This may sound like a strange activity, but we're not complaining. Have you seen how cute he is?!

Big Pup

Dalmatians don't stay small forever. It's why Cruella de Vil wanted to steal them when they were puppies! How could she lug around 100 full-size dogs? This city resident realized their mistake when their black-and-white dog needed a helping hand on a simple train ride.


This YouTuber took his passion for crafting to the extreme by making a squirrel-proof bird feeder. Its elaborate layout appears closer to a game show obstacle course than a simple backyard bird feeder. Which squirrel will reign victorious and win the food prize? Of course, no squirrels were harmed!

Climbing Lesson

Animal parents teaching their young life skills is just so sweet! Whoever snapped a photo of this climbing lesson was definitely in the right place at the right time. But be warned, it's better to watch from afar if you spot a similar moment. Mama bears don't usually take kindly to lurking strangers!

Wing Span

Before young birds can soar, they have to practice flying. In nature, it's a common sight for young birds to jump out of their nests and have their mother collect them on the ground. Leaving the nest is a momentous occasion, and this one was caught on camera!


Don't try and see if your pet will like something sour. Would you enjoy tasting a random lemon or lime, especially when there's no tequila involved?! Check out this pup's first and last time tasting a sour, citrusy fruit. Don't worry, the water dish is nearby.

Pizza Hog

Groundhog's Day isn't always in February, apparently! In fact, for this one family, a local groundhog made sure the spotlight was on him no matter the month. Here he is, munching away on a slice of pizza. Did he find it himself or did someone give it to him? We'll never know!

Spooked Onlooker

It's always best to take your time when adding a new pet to your household, but there weren't enough minutes in the world to prepare this canine for her new roommates! With these squirmy little kittens eagerly approaching, it's no wonder this spooked dog ran for cover.

Piggy Play Pen

A whole horde of little pigs have waited for this day. Finally unleashed upon the bright green grass, their pink snouts will undoubtedly get muddy as they push into the ground. There's just something so adorable about little pigs exploring the farm for the first time!

Playing Fetch

Well, this game ended abruptly. It’s hard to play fetch with house cats, and this picture perfectly illustrates why. An overly excited cat and a room filled with furniture don’t exactly mix, and almost always ends with a sore little cat face.

Dog Selfie

There’s something about this picture that makes this good boy look slightly human, and it’s obviously not the adorable snout. The squinty eyes and wide grin paired with the selfie angle makes this look like the dog’s Instagram profile picture!

Cone Thief

We’ve heard of sharing bread with ducks, but ice cream cones with chickens? The only thing sillier than a chicken stealing someone’s ice cream cone is this lady’s shocked face. Who knew chickens had a sweet tooth?

Glass Cat

No, cats aren’t secretly boneless, though photos like these don’t help dispel the rumors. It’s crazy how elegant cats can look from one angle, but when they’re sitting in a glass bowl, they look pretty weird, not to mention uncomfortable.

Ostrich Girl

Sometimes, the stars collide at just the right moment, the “right moment” being when a girl riding an ostrich comes across a photographer. The excited ostrich face fits perfectly with the girl’s face, making for a truly once-in-a-lifetime photo.

Nap Time

Did you know that owls sleep with their faces down? The weirdest part is, sometimes they do so while on solid ground (or whatever material this is). This little guy doesn’t look thrilled that he’s been woken up by a pesky photographer!

Silly Horse

Could horses be the internet’s next silly animal obsession? Klutzy cats have been all the rage for years, so maybe it’s this guy’s time to shine. With his emo haircut and angsty facial expression, he’d fit right in with the internet of yesteryear.

Floating Head

No, this image wasn’t photoshopped. This dog’s creepy floating head is so big that it conceals the fact that he is, in fact, attached to a body. Change the camera angle and you’d see it for yourself!

Don't Step Here!

Be careful where you step! This beige-colored cat must have some evil intentions. Why else would he trip anyone walking down the stairs? Either that or he just wants to be stepped on, which is...weird, to say the least.

Cat Symmetry

This isn’t a fail so much as a dazzling feat of cat engineering. How did they arrange themselves so perfectly? More importantly, how can we join in on their snuggly little cuddling session? Napping has never looked so impressive.

Excited Pup

We all know what happens when a puppy gets over excited. There’s a lot of high-pitched barking and jumping, which almost always results in injuries like this one. At least he’s young — puppies like him won’t be down for long!

Mysterious Dogs

Could this become one of the biggest mysteries of the 21st century? We’re certainly at a loss as to what’s going on. It looks like a real life version of “fight or flight,” with the airborne dog choosing the latter. The mystery continues!

Audience of One

All this woman wanted to do was record herself doing yoga from the privacy of her own home. She had no clue that a curious-looking pigeon had wandered into the shot! The camera angle makes her look tiny compared to her wide-eyed audience. 

Cat Actress

Combining iconic film scenes with cats is always a good idea, as this photo demonstrates. With her adorable eyes and long legs, this cat makes a great Mrs. Robinson. If only she would say her lines without meowing…

Perfect Circle

Cats are dexterous enough to take the shape of any cushion or chair they sit on, but this perfectly round cat really takes the cake! If you're freaking out over her lack of paws, don't worry — they're still there, just tucked under her fur.

Ball of Fluff

Talk about a ball of fluff! No, this pup isn’t running faster than the speed of sound, though the wind blowing through his long fur definitely makes it look that way. He doesn’t seem to mind, though: Just look at that grin!

Wedding Photo-bomb

There’s nothing like a good wedding photo-bomb! No one quite expected the Best Man to start rolling around in front of the soon-to-be-married couple, but what else is a pup supposed to do to show his love? We only hope the other guests were better behaved.

Bubble Puppy

Dreams do come true! Admit it, you’ve fantasized about puppies appearing from out of nowhere in giant bubbles. Who hasn’t? We hate to break it to you, but this is just an optical illusion. Still, the cute puppy is very real!

Flying Dolphin

If you thought albatrosses were the most majestic sea birds, then think again. This dolphin can soar through the sky along with the best of them, and is just as magnificent as his feathered friend. He’s also super friendly!

Blue Bell

Do we hear a bird chirping or a tiny bell clanging? According to this photo, it could be both! We’re not really sure how this bird ended up with his head stuck in a bell, but it definitely makes for a funny picture...and a weird sound, probably.

Lipstick Munchies

It looks like your dog got a little carried away with the lipstick! That’s what happens when you leave your makeup out with a beauty queen like Princess in the house. She may have ruined your expensive products, but at least she looked good doing it!


This is probably all your fault for not cracking a window or something while you were out, Greg! What else was Fido going to do to cool off? Something humans don’t know is that toilets are actually the most refreshing place to have a swim.


Those gigantic bug-eyes could only belong to a ravenous carnivore. After all, that’s the only explanation as to why your dog crept into the fridge, snooped through the perishables, and ripped open the steaks you were saving for dinner.


If you were wondering who wore the pants in the family, this photo makes it pretty obvious. Everything about the cat’s face says “I run this house,” especially that mischievous little grin. We hope someone separated these two after the photo was taken!

Fluffy and Fido

Ah, young love! Proof that cats and dogs can coexist peacefully, Fluffy and Fido here seem to be on the brink of romance...or maybe violence? Is that love or hate in their eyes? It’s always hard to tell when it comes to our pets.

Dog Door Disaster

We have to wonder what the point of a dog door is if only a few tiny breeds can fit through one! We’re sure this particular door worked wonders when this guy was a puppy, but he’s all grown up now, if this door/hat is any indication.

Sparkly Shoes

If the owner hadn't arrived, we like to think that this cat would’ve brushed her fur, put on some lipstick, and headed out for a night on the town in her owner’s sparkly shoes. At least she got to cuddle with them before she was caught!

Having a Good Time

We can’t even tell what’s on the floor in this picture — kibble? Dirt? A combination of both? — but it’s obvious that Buster had a grand ‘ol time with whatever it is while his owner was away. Too bad dogs don't have to clean up their messes!


It looks like someone had fun while you were out of the house! Instead of getting mad about the pillows, try joining in on the fun. Nothing alleviates anger better than rolling around in some feathers with man’s best friend...until you have to clean it up, that is.


Technically, this is your fault, owner. Buddy took matters into his own paws when you turned play-with-Buddy night into a boring ‘ol movie night. What was he supposed to do, cuddle up with you while watching the cinematic masterpiece Click? Didn’t think so.


You’ve heard of walking, playing fetch, even swimming with your dog, but we bet you’ve never heard of this one! Pole dancing is actually a graceful, empowering way for your pup to exercise...or maybe it just looks funny.


If you come home and find your dog cowering on the counter top, you have two options: 1) Bravely search the house for terrifying rodents/monsters, or 2) Move out. After all, Spot did seem really freaked!


Every cat owner has wondered if their cats are playing or fighting. It’s an impossible question to answer, especially if you were to stumble upon something like this. They seem to be in a loving relationship, but the second you leave the room, all bets are off!

Ace Ventura

We don’t need Ace Ventura to figure out what happened here: Desperate for cash for his upcoming poker game with the neighborhood mutts, Buddy tried to pickpocket his owner. If only she hadn’t caught him in the act! 

A Streetcat Named Desire

This looks like a movie-still from an all-feline production of A Streetcar Named Desire. Meow-lon Brando here seems to be pretty protective of his favorite gal. Don't pet his girlfriend, or you'll end up with scratches.

Ritz Sniffs

Is this a fashion statement or makeshift dog cone? It's hard to say, so if your dog is scratching an old wound, you should still bring them to the vet. After all, crackers are for eating, not healing!


What’s with dogs shoving their heads into random objects? Sure, this cushion foam seems comfortable, but not enough to wear it like a necklace. By the look on this guy’s face, he’s not quite sure how he ended up like this, either!


This little guy isn’t exactly a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He looks more afraid of them than they do of him! The nearby sheep don’t seem convinced that he’s part of their flock. Hey, at least he has this little lamb costume for next Halloween.

The Lay of the Land

There’s nothing more ominous than a cat slowly peeking around the corner. Any level of chaos could be found on the other side of that wall: destroyed curtains, a ripped-up sofa, a cat-mafia meeting that ran too late — you just never know.

Giddy up!

We’re not entirely sure how these two ended up like this, but we're not mad about it. All they need is their own theme music, and they’ll be ready to go on all the adventures they want...as long as these “adventures” are in the house.